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New whitepaper from Intertronics - Designing-in Light Curing Adhesives
by Peter Swanson (20 November 2014)
This new authoritative whitepaper from Intertronics addresses the concepts around light curing adhesives, starting with the design function.
This new authoritative whitepaper addresses the concepts around light curing adhesives, starting with the design function. Design engineers will earn the gratitude of their production engineering colleagues if they can specify or allow for a light curing adhesive. In addition to performance advantages like distribution of load and stress over wider surface areas, elimination of joint fatigue, improved impact resistance, reduction in finishing and aesthetic enhancements, light curing adhesives can provide very significant process advantages. There are many proven applications in industries like electronics, automotive, medical devices, electronic displays, optics, glass and appliances – and all manner of plastic-based assemblies. The technology brings with it inherent productivity gains which can save money and increase competitiveness.

The whitepaper may be downloaded from or visit their blog at – also see
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New whitepaper from Intertronics - Designing-in Light Curing Adhesives - This new authoritative whitepaper from Intertronics addresses the concepts around light curing adhesives, starting with the design function. By Peter Swanson (20/11/14) ... more
New from Intertronics – the Liquidyn P-Dot CT micro dispensing valve for highly viscous materials - The new Liquidyn P-Dot CT high precision micro dispensing valve from Intertronics uses dynamic dot technology for the controlled dispensing of medium to high viscosity materials such as oils, greases, adhesives, silicones, lacquers, fluxes and other medical/chemical substances. By Peter Swanson (06/11/14) ... more
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New eco-DUO600 from Intertronics for the metering, mixing and dispensing of two component materials - New from Intertronics is the preeflow® eco-DUO600 by ViscoTec which offers precision metering and mixing of two component materials such as silver loaded conductive epoxies, silicones or polyurethanes which may be dispensed in small quantities for either dots or beads. By Peter Swanson (28/10/14) ... more
Tech-savvy pupils asked for ideas in All Aboard competition. - Transport Minister Baroness Kramer today (24 October 2014) launched a competition for students aimed at devising new ways to make bus travel easier for people who have visual or hearing impairments. Passengers can find it difficult to identify the number or destination of their bus, know where and when to get off or hear important on-board announcements. The competition is being run by the government-funded organisation Transport Systems Catapult and was launched by the minister at a school in Milton Keynes, where pupils are taking part. By Ashley Evans (24/10/14) ... more
Intertronics introduce the new BlueWave® Fast Cure UV LED Flood System - The new BlueWave® LED Flood System from Intertronics is a large format lamp for UV/visible light curing, enabling larger production components to be cured with LED technology. By Peter Swanson (15/10/14) ... more
Iot mbed OS workshops - ARM deliver rapid prototyping for Internet of Things - from hype to reality - ARM have taken the first steps to turn the IoT hype into a reality with the launch of their IoT mbed device platform. Register your interest to participate in regional training workshops to understand how to drive the mbed IoT OS at: http://www.techUK-e.Net/IoTmbed.aspx By Ashley Evans (10/10/14) ... more
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Internet of Cons - Take a lot of unrelated and minimally related things such as passive RFID, ZigBee, Wireless Sensor Networks and hobbyist micro-controllers and give them a grand new name such as the Internet of Things. Instantly you can claim it is a substantial market already and set to be much bigger in future if only because you will shovel other things into the definition. How about bouncy toys and spaceships? Another nice trick is to give cumulative sales on the false assumption that nothing is ever thrown away: the figures look much bigger. Sell it all as "The Next Big Thing". You can unload a lot of reports and consultancy on the back of that. By Peter Harrop (08/10/14) ... more
The UK Company Pavilion at electronica, Munich, Nov 11th-14th - Complimentary invitation for techUK Members Register at: By Ashley Evans (01/10/14) ... more

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