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Intertronics precision volumetric dispensing - preeflow® eco-PEN 300
by Ian Tallent (08 February 2012)
The eco-PEN 300 from Intertronics is ideal for the application of dots and beads with maximum volumetric precision and to joint sealing technologies adaptable to track speeds.
At first glance the eco-PEN series of preeflow® volumetric dosing dispensers from Intertronics appear to be very similar and this is largely true with the eco-PEN 300, 450 and 600 all showing the same better than 1% accuracy through ViscoTec’s unique patented “endless piston” design. However, there are subtle and important differences to be considered; in particular the eco-PEN 300 is suited to a wide range of low to high viscosity materials making it ideal for application of dots and beads with maximum volumetric precision and to joint sealing technologies adaptable to track speeds.

The eco-PEN 300 is of interest in electronics, photovoltaics, laboratories, medical, bio-sciences and optics/photonics. Dispensing at 16-20 bar it uses Luer locking needles/nozzles and offers minimum dosing quantities of 0.001 ml at 0.12 to 1.48 ml per minute.

Accuracy is achieved by the preeflow® rotor and stator pressure tight continuous displacement system. This ensures gentle handling of the dispensing medium without damage to fragile inclusions. Clean control is afforded with suck back achieved by rotor reversal, which ensures clean flow cut off whilst preventing post-dripping effects.

The “endless piston” technology is driven by a DC motor with incremental encoder and integral planetary gearing which is not only at the heart of repeatable accuracy, it also confers viscosity independent dosing, as well as enabling the equipment to provide dosing which is unaffected by primary pressure – the system helpfully is also particularly easy to clean.

preeflow® EC200 controllers for the eco-PEN series are available in bench top or panel-mount format. The units are microprocessor controlled and simple to operate, without submenu, and with graphic support. External signals can be connected via I/O ports to a PLC for control in automated lines. A wide variety of dosing programs with part-management are storable. The supply pressure (using pressure sensor kit) is monitored and can be displayed digitally in bar or psi. Error messages for filling level and motor current may also be monitored via an RS232 interface.

Alternatively, for robotic and automated installations the preeflow® “plug-n-dose” Speed Control readily enables time/pressure control by external computer system. For further information please see or visit their blog at
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