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Premier EDA Solutions Opens Altium Drop-In Centre at Institute for Product Design and Manufacture
by Gwen Helps (16 February 2012)
February 2012, Livingston. Premier EDA Solutions Ltd. in partnership with the Institute for Product Design and Manufacture (IPDM) is pleased to announce the opening of an Altium sponsored drop-in centre in Scotland.
Situated at the Alba Business Park, Livingston, the Altium sponsored drop-in centre will be integrant to the IPDM’s technology mentoring service. The lab accommodates workstations equipped with Altium Designer software and is accessible to Scottish SMEs and individuals who have an idea for a new technological product or are developing an existing one.

This is part of Premier’s strategy of creating a network of Altium drop-in centres across the UK in order to aid the development of new ideas and technology within the UK electronics industry. This will be their second centre and more are planned during the year. The first was opened last year at the SiliconSouthWest labs in Bath.

Phil Mayo, MD of Premier maintained: “We are dedicated to supporting the UK electronics industry and by assisting indigenous start-ups in this way; this can help them contribute to a region’s viability and sustainability.”

As well as allowing access to Altium Designer software, Altium has also agreed to supply additional licences for start-ups who are in the process of securing first-round funding.

“Electronic products are becoming increasingly important in all areas of our life. Developing these products and bringing ideas to market is a challenging task for small companies and start-ups these days. With the new Altium drop-in centre we are offering a platform for companies new to electronics to ramp up their development processes quickly,” commented Elmar Dukek, Senior Territory Manager, Altium Europe.

For over 20 years, the IPDM has been supporting clients with innovation and product development, high technology electronics manufacturing and design research. Support and guidance on the use of this software will be available to anyone using the new Centre.

“We have been a long admirer of the IPDM’s work and recognise the frustrations associated with moving from concept to prototype, especially without access to proficient electronic design automation tools. Therefore, the provision of Altium Designer licences for the Altium drop-in centre is an ideal opportunity for us to assist in this area.” Phil Mayo added.

Professor Ian Hunt, Director of the Institute said: “By providing access to the necessary design tools and expertise to support new product development, our aim is to positively stimulate and increase electronics product design in Scotland, and ultimately increase the number of new products to reach the market.”

The opening was attended by local technology companies; including Adrok which uses advanced technology for mapping subsurface natural resources. Based in Edinburgh, it itself was a start-up and its Technical Director, Michael Robinson remarked: “By having this resource available to students all the way through to start-ups, I’m sure will help in the generation of new innovative Scottish products and companies. I can see it benefitting the local economy.”

Please direct all enquiries regarding access to the Altium Drop-In Centre to Jim Purves, Project Director on 01506 532450 or email

About Premier EDA Solutions
Premier EDA Solutions Ltd. is recognised as one of the leading providers of electronic design automation software and associated services in the UK & Ireland.

We are one of Altium's leading resellers world-wide, and enjoy regular contact with Altium staff at all levels. Our recent "EMEA Reseller of the Year" award highlights this relationship and illustrates the potent combination of software vendor and reseller that is the basis of our success.

Our operation spans the UK & Ireland with customers in virtually every aspect of modern electronics design, from Formula One Grand Prix racing teams, to the military environment, to consumer electronics, research institutes and semiconductor companies.

In addition to the EDA software portfolio, Premier operates an extensive training operation. Premier is an IPC Authorised Training Centre and is dedicated to providing essential skills to the UK electronics industry. We are headline sponsors at the Engineering Design Show taking place 10th and 11th October 2012.

About the Institute for Product Design and Manufacture
Building on a foundation of more than 20 years of service to engineering businesses, we offer expert advice, technology support, manufacturing services, laboratory and testing facilities.

The Institute supports companies involved in:
• innovation and product development
• high technology electronics manufacturing and design research; and
• advanced engineering materials.

Through direct technical support, expert interpretation and business-to-business collaboration, we offer prototyping services, design for manufacture expertise, materials evaluation, product realisation, validation to European standards, testing and compliance.

We also work on feasibility studies and technology assessments, development grant and investment applications, source expert help and advice and identify options for volume manufacture. Based in Livingston, the services of the Centre cover the whole of Scotland from Orkney and Shetland Islands down to the Scottish Borders.

About Altium
Altium Limited (ASX:ALU) creates electronics design software and services based on the belief that anyone who wants to create electronic products that make a difference should be able to do so. Altium’s unified electronics design environment links all aspects of electronics product design in a single application that is priced to be as affordable as possible. This helps electronics designers break down barriers to innovation, harness the latest devices and technologies, manage their projects across broad design ecosystems, and create connected, intelligent designs.

Founded in 1985, Altium has headquarters in Shanghai, and operates worldwide. For more information, visit

Altium, Altium Designer, AltiumLive and Morfik, and their respective logos, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Altium Limited, or its subsidiaries. All other registered or unregistered trademarks mentioned in this release are the property of their respective owners, and no trademark rights to the same are claimed.
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