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UK-techMap –Raise the global profile of your company

Create a free membership account and add or update your company's profile at the myCompany page. This profile will also be posted on the directory for UK Technology Companies, You may have to request permission from our admin team to be given privileges to update any existing profile.


techUK - The Electronics Network is the largest network of technology companies, and their employees in the UK. You have immediate access to all members who have enabled their profile as "public", and you can e-mail any one of them directly from the portal using eNetMail. Simply using the search function found by the "Connect" directory to search by company or surname, then click on "e-mail this member" when you find their profile.

IMPORTANT: If you do not want other members of techUK to contact you through eNetMail, remember to un-check the "Allow other members to e-mail me" feature in your account settings (myAccount). For your re-assurance, we will never share your e-mail address with other members, likewise members who contact you using eNetMail will never see your e-mail address unless you reply to them.

Note: if you send an e-mail, using eNetMail, just like any other e-mail service, you will send the recipient your e-mail details, enabling them to reply to you directly. We keep a log of the e-mails you send using eNetMail. These mails can be found at myNetwork.

Publish Articles, news or information about your company

Use the feature, "Publish an Article" to post news about your company, or information that will be of interest to other members. Articles will be published on our homepage, RSS and Twitter feed, improving the SEO of your profile.

Publish Events directly onto our "Event" calendar

Industry partners can use the "Publish an Event" feature found in the header of the calendar to post an article about an event. If you would like to become an Industry partner, and take advantage of this free service, contact us at info:techUK-e.Net

Keep  your Company at the top of the listings for UK-techMap

Posting articles regularly also ensures that your companies profile is given a priority listing on UK-techMap, and any technology spotlight features that we run, so it pays to post!

Members Discount to events and webinars

For events, webinars or podcasts that techUK hosts, you'll be eligible to membership discount rates. Contact us if you wish to upgrade to full techUK Company member status, where are your services are included in a single annual subscription fee.

Access to our Knowledge Pool, Sharing your Knowledge - The Technical Library

Whether you looking for help designing a product or integrating a feature, or you want to understand new or the latest technologies or you want to work with an academic partner to develop or license your own IP, use our vast knowledge pool to help you find the right resources. Use Library Documents as a resource. Please upload any white papers of relevance into the Library.

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From time to time we'll ask you your opinion on certain subjects. Let us know your view (anonymously if you like) by voting on-line or giving us feedback through our surveys.