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R&D Tax Credits
 2012 Budget Update
Todd McCully
The Chancellors budget in March 2012 outlined changes to the R&D Tax credit scheme that will be beneficial to companies involved in research, design and product development. If you're not claiming R&D tax credit, there is a very good chance that you are missing out if you undertake any of these activies. Click on the image (right) to start the webinar)
(run time: 17 mins 12 secs)
R&D Tax Credits
 Making a Claim and Scope
Todd McCully, GGTC
This episode focuses on what actually qualifies as R&D for tax purposes, both the technical and financial justifications used to comply with the legislation. It will also dispel the common misnomer that R&D is restricted to companies that have specific R&D departments and people in white lab coats! 
The legislation allows for a far broader scope of actitity than one might initialy consider.
(click image (right) to play - 21min 49sec)