Innovations in Manufacturing Electronic Systems - Pre - Competition Survey

The Technology Strategy Board will be launching a competition in early 2014 in the area of High Value Manufacturing - Electronics.
The overall theme is “To accelerate innovation and competitiveness in the manufacturing of Electronics Systems”.

The competition is designed to encourage R&D projects that address technical risk within manufacturing using new technologies to enhance functionality, reduce size, reduce cost, adapt form and/or enable rapid scale-up.
The call will open on February 17th, 2014, with a total competition fund of £4.75m.
To help the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) identify define the scope of the competition, and to give you the opportunity to influence this competition, please give us your view as to where the research areas should be focused.
The TSB have identified some priority areas already; indicate whether or not these are relevant to your organisation.
In addition, outline any areas of research that you would like to have included within the scope. Whilst there is no guarantee that your preferences will be adopted by the TSB, if there are clusters of support around specific topic areas, I'm sure that these will be given serious consideration by the High Value Manufacturing team at the TSB.
This really is your opportunity to influence to scope of this competition.
Ashley Evans
Director of Electronics - techUK

Survey: Help us to shape the scope of the forthcoming competition for Innovations in Manufacturing Electronics Systems

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